Amy Adams joins Jenna Ortega in director Taika Waititi’s KLARA AND THE SUN

Amy Adams he’s trying to act opposite her Jenna Ortega in the director Taika Waititithe next movie Chiara and the sunproduced by Sony’s 3000 Pictures.

The film is based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro and the story follows Klara, “a robot girl created to prevent teenagers from feeling alone. This is the story of how she tries to save the human family she lives with from heartbreak.”

It is explained that Klara is an “Artificial Friend with strong observational qualities, who from her place in the shop carefully observes the behavior of those who come in to browse and those who pass by on the street outside. She continues to hope that a customer will choose her soon.

The story “offers a glimpse into our evolving world through the eyes of an unforgettable narrator, who explores the fundamental question: What does it mean to love?”

The book’s author spoke about his story in an interview with NPR, saying, “I think I’ve always been attracted – you know, throughout my career, to storytellers who are, in one way or another, a little ‘ on from the outside. But Klara was particularly interesting to me because she doesn’t carry any baggage with her. It’s not that, you know, she has her own value system that clashes with what she finds. She’s like a blank slate at the beginning “, and she’s quite childish and very open. And so it was – you know, it’s not just the way, the very limited way, that she actually reads the world that attracted me. I wanted some of that childlike freshness and openness and the naivety survives in her throughout the text. I wanted her to remain, like, a very optimistic character who has a childlike faith in the presence of something good and protective in the world, even as she learns all these other things, darker things about the human world that she occupies.”

The producers of the project will be Waititi, Garrett Basch and David Heyman for Heyday Films together with Ishiguro.

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by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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