The Regime: everything you need to know about the most anticipated series of 2024, with Kate Winslet

It’s one of the must-watch series this year and it’s coming very soon. For six episodes, The Regime sees Kate Winslet in front of the camera of the director of Dangerous Liaisons. From the five-star cast to the release date and plot, here’s everything you need to know about this exciting series.

Iconic actress for 30 years, British Kate Winslet returns to the small screen on HBO with The regimea promising drama series that explores the twists and turns of a Totalitarian regime modern in Europe. After shining in important miniseries such as Mildred Pierce AND Easttown MareWinslet joins forces with a team of renowned writers and actors for this darker political thriller series.

The Regime trailer?

The Regime, what is it?

The regime transports us to the heart ofan authoritarian regime on the verge of collapse. The plot, centered on one yearis set in a palace where Kate Winslet plays a capricious woman of power trying to repress any opposition. When a president sends an emissary to negotiate, tensions intensify and put our (anti)heroine on edge…

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Who are the actors in the casting?

Kate Winslet, in addition to being the main protagonist, also takes on the role of producer. She is accompanied by a cast dominated by several headliners, including Hugh Grantrecently featured in Wonka, Matthias Schoenaertsface of drama Of rust and bonesas well as the French Guillaume Gallienne (Guys and Guillaume, at the table!, Yves Saint Laurent) and Andrea Riseborough, nominated for an Oscar in 2023.

From the showrunners of Succession

The team of The regime has what it takes to shine, but also behind the camera. In the direction we find the English filmmaker Stefano Frearsto whom we owe the cult film Dangerous relationshipsor even dramatic comedy The lost kingreleased in theaters in 2022. In the credits of the series we also find Will Tracy AND Frank Riccocredited as writer and producer of the essential respectively Succession.

How many episodes does The Regime have?

The series consists of six episodes.

When do we go out?

HBO announced it The regime will be broadcast on its platform March 3, 2024ON HBO Max.

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