Noz will sell 190,000 pieces of this iconic 90s fashion brand

Noz is definitely still on the good side. The clearance store will sell Esprit brand clothing from June 19.

After Camaïeu, Cop.Copine, San Marina, Kookaï and even Minelli, it is the Esprit brand that is currently experiencing significant financial difficulties. The retail chain announced on May 15 that it had filed for bankruptcy for its European operations. Last April its Swiss and Belgian subsidiaries also announced bankruptcy. The German-based group has not resisted rising energy costs and increasingly fierce competition from ultra-fast fashion.

Esprit soon at -60% on NOZ

But fans of the brand can rest assured. They can find Esprit clothing at… Noz. The French liquidation brand has put its hands forward 190,000 pieces signed Esprit, which come from company-owned stores located in Belgium. The 15 Belgian stores closed their doors on April 15.

Noz will market these products from June 19th in the 322 stores of its French network. The items, which concern men's and women's ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes, will be sold at a price reduced by 60% compared to the original label. A second arrival is scheduled for the next school year, and will focus on the autumn-winter collection. It should be noted that this operation takes place while the Esprit brand is still present in France, despite the bankruptcy declaration.

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