Malevolent Trailer for the dark horror thriller THE MOOR

Here is a trailer for a dark horror thriller titled The moor, which seems to tell a very disturbing and disturbing story. The film is actually based on true stories of murders that took place in the English countryside.

In the film “Claire (Sofia La Porta) was just a child when her best friend was kidnapped and killed. Twenty-five years later, the killer has served his sentence and is about to be released.

“Claire is approached by Bill, the dead boy’s father, who has a plan to keep the killer behind bars. With the help of psychic Eleanor, she takes them deep into the haunted moor that she believes is the final resting place of her son.

“They find more than just the ghosts of dead children out there: something else, something dark and evil, moves beneath their feet.”

The film comes from the director Chris Croninwho spoke about his film, saying: “My aim with this story was to create an original horror film set in my home county of Yorkshire.

“Instead of delving into the fictional murders themselves, I focused on the aftermath and how something so terrible affects lives and relationships. What happens when so much pain and guilt remains unresolved?”

The cast includes David Edward Robertson, Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips, Marco Peachey, Vicki HackettAND Bernard Hill .

Bulldog Film will be released in theaters The moor in UK cinemas on 14 June 2024.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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