Clothing etiquette: 7 simple rules you keep breaking

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Material on etiquette in clothing should begin with the fact that almost everyone violates it. Moreover, the majority of fashion bloggers and stylists do this deliberately and consciously. Some go to work in shorts and t-shirts, while others attend social events dressed outside the dress code. And still others generally believe that the norms of etiquette in clothing are catastrophically outdated. But this is not true; In some cases, experiments can be inappropriate and you can look as strange as possible.

By the way, not so long ago we talked about not wearing jewelry and compiled five rules of etiquette that almost everyone breaks. For example, did you know that you should not wear rings on every finger and that you should not mix precious metals with jewelry? If not, we recommend that you read the material again.

But let’s get back to our topic today. The Fashion Vibes’s fashion department offers to dot all the i’s and deal with stylistic violations that urgently need to be corrected. We’ve rounded up the seven most important ones.

Violation #1. You button up your jacket

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The jacket is a true off-season essential. It can be worn with a turtleneck in winter, with a shirt in autumn and spring, and with a top in summer. True, you need to remember one simple rule: single-breasted models have two buttons, but the bottom button must always remain open. By the way, this is not only etiquette, but also additional convenience when moving. However, double-breasted ones, on the contrary, need to be fastened with all buttons.

Violation #2: You are wearing sunglasses on your head.

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I agree, sunglasses are quite multifunctional. They can protect from the bright sun and become a crown for your hair when you need it most. But there is a problem: the last point is against etiquette and is considered a sign of bad taste. Moreover, this may cause the frame to deteriorate and the temples to become deformed.

Violation #3. You wear black underwear under light-colored clothes.

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As we said before, many fashion influencers and street style heroes enjoy breaking all kinds of rules. For example, Bella Hadid proves that black underwear looks very harmonious with a white T-shirt. But this technique violates etiquette and is completely unacceptable at official receptions. Even if a white shirt or T-shirt looks tight, you shouldn’t risk wearing black underwear. It is best to choose nude or beige.

Violation No. 4. You go to the theater with a big bag.

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Do you often go to the theater after work and take a bag containing your laptop, shift gear, and other essentials to the theater? We don’t want to upset you, but you’re doing everything wrong. Walking into the gym with a big bag is ugly and unaesthetic. Theater etiquette experts recommend replacing the fashionable bag with a clutch or small crossbody bag.

Violation No. 5: You enter the pool in a two-piece swimsuit.

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Surprising but true. According to etiquette, two-piece swimsuits are designed for sea and beach holidays, but for the pool you need to choose more modest monokini. And there is nothing else. It seems that almost all fashion influencers violate etiquette.

6. Violation. You’re wearing the wrong underwear under tight clothes.

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Silhouette dresses and skirts are always beautiful. Such wardrobe items highlight your figure and make your appearance more expressive. But there is one nuance that can spoil the whole impression. This is underwear. Under such things you just need to wear seamless suits that will remain invisible. However, ignoring this rule means violating etiquette.

Violation No. 7. Do not open the ventilation holes of jackets and coats

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Let’s get back to the jackets. Almost all models have a slot on the back that is specially sewn with thread in production. This is done so that the item does not lose its presentation. This thread needs to be cut so that it does not look strange after purchase. Of course, many people forget to do this, and this is the bane of every fashion editor and stylist in the world. By the way, this rule applies not only to jackets, but also coats and trench coats.

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