In her style: Bianca Censori seen in swimsuit

We had to think we haven’t seen Bianca Censori’s nude look in a long time, so she’s there too. True, this time the bow is more relevant than ever.

Bianca Censori. Photo: Legion-media

Paparazzi spotted the girl in Italy when she got out of the car and entered the building after Kanye West. He had design sketches, but of course that’s not what’s remarkable. The rapper beau opted for a tiny white backless swimsuit for her look. No matter how strange it sounds, we no longer refuse such a greeting.

Bianca Censori. Photo: Legion-media

Let us also remind you that Kanye West is now happily married to his former colleague Bianca Censori. Rumors about the romance of the stars appeared at the beginning of last year. After the rapper was seen wearing a ring on her ring finger, everyone started writing about the couple’s wedding. Almost a year later, the rumor was confirmed.

Source: People Talk

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