7 new products for bright summer make-up: tints, colored mascara and pencils

Although you don’t always want to wear makeup in the heat, we can’t ignore the new decorative cosmetics in the summer – pearlescent shadows, colored mascara and shades of pink. In this material, we have collected for you the most valuable candidates that will help you create light summer make-up. All of them have enviable durability and color saturation.

Cream eyeshadow 3ina

Cream eyeshadows are a product that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, cold or hot. But when it is +30 degrees outside, additional fastening will not hurt. To do this, use a base under the shadow. It can be a primer or concealer. In this way, your makeup will last longer and your shadows will not wrinkle.

Rad Color Mascara

It is almost impossible to find burgundy Rad mascara in the shade Oxblood in stock, but there are others in the color palette that are no less cool. For example hot pink or red. Colored eyelashes have been at the peak of popularity for many years, so choose any color you like and try it. Bright mascara can be duplicated with eyeliner of the same color or combined with shadows of a contrasting tone for greater contrast.

Clarins lip pigment

Clarins has released a limited edition “Space Summer” collection, in which we find a lip pigment in doll pink. The pigment is a liquid (almost watery) product that can be applied to lips, cheeks, bridge of the nose and generally anywhere you want. Thanks to its texture, it spreads very easily, but you need to do this quickly because the product is absorbed in seconds, hardens and lasts until the evening.

essence eyeshadow

Essence has launched a great new product for summer: pencil eyeshadow. The palette has four shades, among which we especially liked the light green and red. Both are pearlescent, so when you apply the shadows, it looks to everyone from afar as if you have trendy “wet” eyelids. And by the way, they last incredibly long.

Color tone Merythod

Tint is the most versatile product we use regularly in makeup. It does not require any special skills or efforts (which is even more important). All you have to do is apply the applicator to your cheeks, bridge of your nose, forehead, brow and lips, blend everything out with your fingertips and you’re already looking like Bella Hadid. When choosing shades, we advise you to take a closer look at the Korean brand Merythod, which recently came to Russia. Her collection includes a wide palette of beautiful shades.

Eyeliner B.Color Professional

With a colored pencil you can quickly turn a nude color into something more summery and interesting, so we always keep it on hand. For example, draw arrows, put a few highlights or draw the lower eyelid and eyelash row. Our latest accomplice in this matter is a pencil from the Russian brand B. Color Professional. It stays firmly on the skin and washes off with just two-step cleansing.

Cream Lavelle

Another color that exceeded all our expectations is from the Russian brand Lavelle. There are three colors in her palette and they are all good. Shade 02 looks very bright in the tube, but creates a perfect, fresh glow on the skin. And with its dusty pink hue, you look like a newly blooming peony flower. The tint is not matte, so the skin shines and shines for a long time.

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