Women are forbidden to ride bicycles (and the reason will make you angry)

A new study conducted by Kantar for Krys focuses on cycling among women and highlights the importance of strengthening users’ damaged self-confidence.

It is the most environmentally friendly means of transport, yet many potential users continue to deprive themselves of it. Cycling, which has been on the rise for several years, seems deeply linked to certain gender constructions.according to a new study conducted by Kantar for Krys on 1,010 women aged 18 to 64, revealed in a press release. In fact, according to this survey, many women hold back from picking up the handlebars because they don’t have confidence in their abilities. They perceive” many risks when cycling (related to physical ability, sexism, falls or accidents) and the doubt that everyone has their place on a bicycle.

Self-censorship or justified fears?

Today six out of ten French women cycle. The others cite various obstacles to justify their reluctance to get on the saddle. Among non-practitioners, one in two people explains “not feeling capable of cycling for physical reasons or cycling ability”. 46% also add that they do not ride a bicycle out of fear “fall or be the victim of an accident”. However, as the study specifies, only 3% of them declare that they do not know how to ride a bicycle. Could this discrepancy then simply be fueled by the sexist clichés we associate with women’s behavior?

On the side of those who pedal, 44% say they have already experienced uncomfortable situations, in particular episodes related to harassment or sexism (56%). Situations which, like purely mechanical problems, remain much more frequent than falls or accidents, according to the study.

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