Emma Corrin shows off her hairy armpits on the cover of “Harper’s Bazaar” and triggers a wave of negative comments

Harper’s Bazaar has unveiled its new front page with Emma Corrin on the cover. Except that the artist appears with hairy armpits, which has caused a wave of hateful comments about her appearance.

Beauty dies hard. WhileEmma Corrinwhich he played brilliantly Lady Diana In The crown is on the cover of the latest issue of the American edition of Harper’s Bazaar, dedicated to “freedom”. But his appearance sparked negative comments on social media.

Hairy armpits, lack of hygiene, really?

A few days ago, the magazine unveiled its front page in which the non-binary artist appears with hairy armpits… Which sparked a wave of controversy reproof on Instagram.

Many netizens, who appear to be mostly men, take offense at the sight of hair appearing on her armpits, claiming that this would a lack of hygiene. We can thus read in the comments under the photo: “ Shave please… It’s not a human rights issue… It’s a personal hygiene issue “, ” Hygiene, please… This is not necessary ”, or even simply “It’s disgusting”.

Other comments are more virulent: “ Do you pluck your eyebrows but haven’t been able to shave your armpits? “, ” People can be as hairy as they want, but showing it on the cover like it’s some big prejudice just to get attention or be controversial is a little boring “, ” The trend of hairy armpits… Stop trying to bring them back… It will never happen “,

But other comments defend Emma Corrin. “ Men with hairy armpits telling others to shave for hygiene... The irony ", " It always amazes me how people lose their minds over their hair. With all the horrible and evil things happening in the world, you worry about someone's shaving preferences ", "I can't wait for everyone who will be shocked by the hair that grows naturally in everyone's armpits. "Or simply" I love hairy armpits! Go Emma ".

Apparently, hair removal remains a very present dikat for female-identified people in public spaces.

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