Blogger Mellstroy is again on the wanted list in Russia

25-year-old trash publisher Mellstroy (real name Andrey Burim) is again on the list of people wanted by law enforcement agencies. This information appeared in the search database of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Mellstroy. Photo: social networks

The message reads: “Burim Andrey Aleksandrovich… Wanted under the article of the Criminal Code.” It is not stated under which specific article the search was made. However, some media and Telegram channels suggested that this could be due to missing the spring draft.

In February of this year, the blogger was already on the wanted list. But they stopped calling him in March, after he promised to help orphanages: to buy sports equipment and clothes for each of 500 institutions in Belarus (the publisher’s homeland is Russia). Note ed.).

Later, according to media reports, the blogger’s name disappeared from the wanted lists of both countries where he was listed for refusing to serve in the Belarusian army.

Source: People Talk

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