Keeps you in suspense until the end: 8 best disaster films of the past 5 years

Keeps you in suspense until the end: 8 best disaster films of the past 5 years

Everyone will breathe a sigh of relief when the credits roll.

The modern viewer has had enough of the variety of entertainment content, which studios, streaming services and online cinemas kindly offer year after year. Large-scale recordings, enormous budgets and a grand show will no longer surprise anyone, but the makers are not giving up.

Over the past five years, the cinema has released 8 impressive disaster films, where viewers will feel relieved that everything that happens on the screen did not happen outside their window:

The Russian horror film “Row 19” is best viewed not only by people with a phobia of flying, especially at night. As reviewers say, there are no unnecessary dialogues, drama or love lines in the film. The unpredictable plot not only keeps you in suspense until the end, but also creates a feeling of complete immersion in the main character’s paranoia.

The creators of the film “Alone”, based on a true story, went even further and showed what awaits the survivors after a collision of two planes in the sky. The story of a shocking plane crash and the subsequent survival of the only surviving passenger in the taiga received critical acclaim and the love of the general public.

“Crash” stands out from other plane crash-landing films with its twist, which captivated thousands of viewers. According to fans, this is not just an action-packed adventure, but an intriguing story that tolerates no spoilers. The film is recommended for anyone who wants to stimulate the nerves and spend an evening without looking away from the screen for a minute.

Photo source: SSB Kino, Lionsgate

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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