“This heroine is not interesting”: Olga Buzova emotionally responded to criticism from Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina, who had not been seen in high-profile conflicts before, incurred the wrath of Olga Buzova. The singer suggested that the TV presenter change the field of activity – to do stand-up. According to him, Buzova should call herself a showwoman, not a musical artist. In addition, the artist emphasized Olga’s stage image, stating that she created the image of a “fool”.

Olga Buzova. Photo: social networks

The presenter did not mince words when responding to his colleague’s words. “Polina Gagarina was not included in the hit parade of my thoughts. I’ve never been interested in this hero, so I don’t follow him. “I have been doing stand-up for a long time, both on stage and in the theater,” Buzova told Starhit.ru.

Polina Gagarina. Photo: social networks

The blogger added that each of their performances was part of a stand-up routine. As Olga points out, making people laugh is sometimes much more difficult than making them cry. Buzova emphasized that she is used to being responsible for her words and is the first not to make comments so as not to offend her colleagues.

Let us remind you that yesterday, on the occasion of Olga’s anniversary on television, a big party was held in the capital’s bar. During the holiday, the artist changed four looks. And she met the guests with the outfit that started her star journey.

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