In an investigation by “Mediapart”, comedian Seb Mellia is accused by seven new women of sexual assault

According to information from “Mediapart”, in November 2019 a woman filed a complaint of sexual assault against Seb Mellia. The investigative newspaper also collected seven new testimonies, accusing him of sexual assault. He disputes all the facts.

Since mid-January, comedian Seb Mellia has been accused of multiple sexual assaults or rapes. A survey published by Mediapart On Wednesday 15 May, he revealed that a preliminary investigation had been opened after a woman filed a sexual assault complaint against the comedian in November 2019.

He wanted us to go to the back of my vehicle »

The complainant, Carlottawhose name has been changed, met Seb Mellia on November 10, 2019 after one of his shows, told our colleagues about Mediapart. After the show, Charlotte takes a selfie with the comedian. On her Instagram he asks her to wait for him” a little close to the theater “.

In her complaint, consulted by Mediapart, Charlotte explains this” once arrived “she has “He wanted to take out some personal belongings [son] vehicle”. “But when I turned around, [Seb Mellia] he had me pinned against the car. Then he attached himself to me, put his right hand on my left breast over my clothes. (…) Then he kissed me three or four times while I told him to stop, repeatedly. Then she told me that I had turned him on, that I was pretty and that she wanted me to kiss him. He wanted us to go to the back of my vehicle. »

Charlotte indicates in her complaint that it ultimately is “he returned to his vehicle, still in his company” and adds: “I told him I was leaving. He tried to kiss me again but I refused. » The next day he filed a complaint. Seb Mellia, through his lawyer Emilie Saudreclaims not to have been aware of this complaint.

Seven new testimonies

Mediapart he was also able to collect seven other stories involving Seb Mellia. Five of them say they met him at a show or online, then had dinner at a restaurant or drinks at a bar with him. Then they accompanied him to his house or to their house. Three of them initially describe a sexual encounter “consent” with stand-up, who suddenly would “ changed face »moving on to the reports described as “ difficult ” OR ” extremely violent ”, not necessarily agreed upon.

Two other women describe sexual intercourse presumably with what they describe as a surprise effect. Heatherwhose name has been changed, allegedly had dinner with Seb Mellia in June 2019. He then accompanied her to the car and got in with her, before “ force him to perform oral sex ». Stories that echo an investigation published by Telerama on March 7, where 11 women accused Seb Mellia of inappropriate behavior, sexual assault and rape.

Seb Mellia disputes all the facts. Through his lawyer Émilie Sudre, he refers to the right of reply of the artist published in various media. He specifically indicates that the “allegations of rape and sexual assault and various and varied abuse”of which it is the subject, “they are false and peremptory”,but also “perfectly shocking and violating [sa] reputation”. He claims he was unaware of the complaint filed in November 2019.

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