Sunken dark circles: this few-step method is very effective in hiding them

If you’re part of the dark circles team, know that you’re not alone. But it’s true that they can be so difficult to camouflage that we can quickly feel helpless. Rest assured, there are solutions.

Dark circles are very difficult to absorb and camouflage. Whether they appear due to too high a level of tiredness, certain genetic criteria, an accumulation of lymph or, more simply, very thin skin… They can become obsessive. Dark circles, on the other hand, derive from the natural aging of the epidermis, which tends to lose subcutaneous fat over time. Result: the eyes appear more tired.

To combat this phenomenon and camouflage it adequately, a beauty influencer, Melis Cificili ((77.3k followers on Instagram) shared a simple tip that seems to work very well. The idea? Prevents concealer from creeping into dehydration lines around the eyes by evening out volume and adding a bit of definition. How did you manage to achieve this feat? We will explain it to you.


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You had to think about it

Don’t worry, her method doesn’t require using 10 different products or more makeup knowledge. To obtain a homogeneous result, Melis applies the concealer with her finger first (and off camera). to be able to control the pile of material and process it by tapping. In this way the makeup will adhere perfectly to the curves of the eye contour without a chalk effect.

Secondly (and this time in front of the camera), takes a little loose powder all over a triangular puff and dips the end of the latter into the bronzer cream to soak it.

Then apply the powder by tapping on the area where her empty dark circles are most visible.

While loose powder smoothes the contour of the eye and flattens the volume while allowing the concealer to stay in place, the bronzer will add definition to the look as it is placed at the level of the lower lash line.

A clever technique worth trying!

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