37 mistakes in the cartoon Three Heroes and the Throne that no one noticed

37 mistakes in the cartoon Three Heroes and the Throne that no one noticed

Mysterious disappearances, clones and pure magic.

You want to look at good works again and again and notice previously unnoticed details and even errors. This also applies to the project of the studio “Melnitsa”, which has been delighting the country for years with the adventures of heroes.

It seems that cartooning is different from filmmaking, where keeping track of props, actors’ makeup, and schedule changes is labor-intensive work. However, the creators of animated works also make mistakes, which modern viewers quickly notice.

This time the Russians’ keen eye turned to ‘Heiress to the Throne’, where they managed to find no fewer than 37 film errors:

The animators clearly couldn’t decide what the prince’s palace looked like, as the windows and interior decoration changed from frame to frame. Furniture and crockery moved imperceptibly from one place to another, clothes changed color and even disappeared in the middle of the scene.

The creators also used little tricks to speed up the drawing process. The audience understood this from the abundance of identical characters – clones – who pulled the cart with the emperor’s son across the street. The Russians also noted more surprising moments, such as a magical intervention in the middle of the plot. Either a passerby pulls a handkerchief from the air, or a hole in a barrel moves by itself, or an abacus is repaired after a defect without outside help.

The film’s overstuffed bloopers had no impact on the audience’s experience, because the recipe for success remained the same: colorful drawings, charming heroes and the unparalleled horse Julius.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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