“Puffy faces with toilet seats in their teeth”: Ksenia Borodina’s ex-husband responded to criticism of the young bride’s appearance

43-year-old Kurban Omarov is preparing for his wedding with 23-year-old Valeria. The businessman never ceases to publicly confess his love for his chosen one and demonstrate a tender attitude towards her.

Kurban Omarov with his beloved Valeria. Photo: social networks

Omarov posted a photo of Valeria on his Telegram channel, admiring her natural beauty. However, commentators are divided on this issue. Some condemned Kurban for his choice. “You should have taken it from kindergarten”, “At 20, of course… Until I gave birth, when no one got on my nerves by cheating. Why couldn’t he find a free man without a dark past?” – wrote the followers.

Valeria. Photo: social networks

The entrepreneur responded to the criticism. He admitted that he didn’t expect to receive so much hate. As the businessman points out, negative comments are written by girls who only use the same filter and have no individuality. “None of them even realize that true beauty doesn’t lie in smooth, lightened skin, drawn eyebrows, or padded faces with toilet seats over their teeth. “True beauty is in the energy radiated by people with beautiful souls,” said Omarov.

Subscribers who supported Valeria took the side of Kurban. “If you noticed, he never grows his nails, they are short. This is natural beauty. And it’s not all about youth,” said one of Omarov’s subscribers.

The news was prepared by Anna Bulatova.

Source: People Talk

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