It’s the most stressful day of the week at work, a study finds

According to the meditation app BalanceWednesday would be the worst day of the week at work, according to its users.

Technically, if we asked workers what the worst day of the week at work is, someone might answer: everyone. But according to the meditation app Balance, It’s a good Wednesday, noticed the tech media Korii in an article in the American magazine Fast company.

A midweek too far from the weekend

How did the app come to this conclusion? It is on this day that the greatest number of users connect to it to search meditation tutorial against stress and anxiety, which is not a “ opportunity » according to Leah Santa Cruz, one of the meditation co-hosts at Balance.

“On Wednesday, everyone is immersed in their weekly tasks, be they professional or personal responsibilities. It’s like I’m halfway there, setting deadlines. But the weekend is still too far away to feel relief. »

Lia Santa Cruz

According to Leah Santa Cruz, one of the main reasons why people are stressed on Wednesdays is because they are busy with too many things at once. “ Trying to juggle too many things without determining what really needs to be at the top of the list only adds to the pressure “said the director. “ However, it’s equally harmful to focus all your attention on achieving your goals, at the cost of skipping breaks and ignoring self-care, a huge contributor to “Wednesday worries.” »

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But he still gives some advice on how to best tolerate Wednesday. First of all, identify three priorities : “What is most important and will have the greatest impact in your life right now? This could be spending time with your kids, finishing a big work project, or planning an upcoming trip. » But also adopt a “Celebratory” mentality. I arrive at the office on Wednesday: “Mix mindfulness and positive action into your daily routine. This makes all the difference in keeping “Wednesday worries” under control. » There is no more.

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