Here’s the movie with the best start to the year, and it’s not necessarily the one we think of

The month of May and these holidays favored a film that was not necessarily heralded as a box office success. Focus on a French comedy starring non-professional actors with mental disabilities.

On Wednesday 1 May, spectators rushed to the cinema to see a particular film. With his family comedy about disability, Artus dethroned the biggest box office hits. So it’s not Dune 2, Civil war OR Autumn boythe action comedy starring Ryan Gosling, which brought the most people to the cinema but Something extrathe first film by the French comedian.

Something more, what is it?

The film features a father and his son (Clovis Cornillac and Artus) who, after a failed burglary, take refuge in a summer camp where young adults with disabilities and their educators reside. To escape the police they pose as a resident and his educator. Their imposture will plunge them into a world that will change them forever.

Something extra
Something extra

The film is brought forward by 11 non-professional actors with mental disabilities. In the columns of Information about Francethe film’s producer Pierre Forette explained that Artus had written the end of the script After the casting “to adapt the script to the actors he had found ». “ One of the secrets of the film is that you laugh with them and not at their expense.”precise.

A historic achievement

It just took Three days so thatSomething extra reaches the score of 500,000 insertions. According to information gathered by CBO Box-Office and confirmed by AFP, the film would have registered 279,635 entries from the The first day of its release in theaters. Thereby, A little thing furthermore, it is placed directly in first place in the basket of French comedies having been a huge success at the box office, surpassing the score obtained at the beginning ofUntouchable in 2011 or What have we done to the good Lord? in 2014.

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