Who won the fifth season of the TV series “Maske”? You will be surprised

The fifth season of the ‘Maske’ series broadcast on NTV has ended and the audience learned the name of the winner of the project.

The jury members of the fifth season of the show distributed the places as follows – fourth – Gorynych the Snake, under the costume of Comedy Club residents Zurab Matua, Andrey Averin and Dmitry Sorokin, third place – Lyusya Chebotina in the form of a butterfly, second – Ani Lorak under the mask of a kitten. The coveted place of the winner was taken by Sevil, the soloist of the Artik & Asti group, hiding under the image of the Raccoon.

Seville. Photo: social networks

“I am sorry that these three months have passed so suddenly with unforgettable and unbridled happiness. I could never have imagined that I would become so attached to this animal. Thank you, Enotik, for showing me what else I can be,” wrote the winner of the show on his Telegram channel.

By the way, we recently had an interview with Sevilla, where we talked about style, the new EP and the differences between reality and the stage. Read here.

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