Blake Lively has the most fashionable manicure of 2024

Recently, stars have started to prefer nude manicures instead of flashy nail art. And for this we can safely thank the clean girl aesthetics and, of course, the popularity of the “quiet luxury” style. At the recent Tiffany & Co party, Blake Lively appeared in a blue dress imitating fish scales and a perfect nude manicure.

Nail artist Elle Gerstein described Blake’s long and elegant oval manicure as “quiet luxury.” “Glamourous and totally trendy,” she said. The iridescent pearl color varnish looks really simple and sophisticated, but thanks to the accent accessories it is impossible not to notice it.

Blake Lively is not the only person who prefers minimalism in manicure. Selena Gomez recently appeared with nude nails.

Source: People Talk

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