“You are so cool”: Guf touchingly addressed his son from Aiza-Liluna Ai on his birthday

Rapper Guf (Alexey Dolmatov) congratulated his son Sam on his 14th birthday. The boy was born in the musician’s marriage with Aiza-Liluna Ai. The artist dedicated touching words to the heiress in his microblog.

Guf. Photo: social networks

In the images published by Guf, the young man introduces himself as follows: “I am Dolmatov Sam Alekseevich. May 5, 2010.” The artist turned to his child, whom he rarely sees. “I love you so much! I really wish I was with you on this day (as well as on other days), but most of the time we are on different sides of the world! And in general, there would be much more of me in your life, at least if we lived on the same continent. But everything is somehow like that. I congratulate you! Be yourself! “You are so cool,” the singer wrote.

Sam. Photo: social networks

It should also be noted that Jesus and his sons flew from Moscow to Bali last week. The presenter showed on social networks the cake that he presented to the birthday boy.

Let us remind you that Aiza-Liluna Ai and Guf got married in 2008. And six years later they announced their divorce. The blogger also raises a son named Elvis, whom she gave birth to with Dmitry Anokhin. In addition to Sam, the rapper also has a daughter named Tina, whom Yulia Koroleva gave birth to in her second marriage. The musician also divorced her.

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