Kendji Girac affair: “He never blackmailed me into committing suicide,” claims his partner

In an interview with “Parisien”, Kendji Girac’s partner denied any suicidal blackmail on the part of the singer.

A speech “reestablish certain truths “. In an interview given to Parisian this Sunday, May 5th, Soraya MirandaKendji Girac’s partner gave her version of events about the incident that occurred on April 22.

I have never suffered the slightest violence »

Recall that, after an argument with his partner, the singer attempted to do so “fake suicide” to scare her and convince her not to leave him, according to the words of the Mont-de-Marsan public prosecutor in a press conference: “ [Kendji Girac]He was very scared when he heard her talking about leaving, he had a moment of panic and wanted to scare her back “. From the “ falsehood » according to Soraya Miranda, who claims that the singer never told her “blackmailed to the point of suicide “.

The winner of the 2014 edition of The voice , had explained the opposite to the Prosecutor’s Office in a press conference. A version denied by Soraya Miranda in The Parisian.

“I have never suffered the slightest violence from him. I am categorical. He is incapable of it. How can we make such speculations? I want to set the record straight, everything that has been said is surreal (…) He had been living in a bad situation for several months, we talked about it, I know he will overcome it and I will be by his side. He is shocked that he has caused himself so much harm. “,

Soraya Miranda.

He also provided details of the incident: “At the time of the events I was not in the same room as Kendji, I was with my daughter. I just heard the closets rattle, the shot. I rushed and when I saw him injured it was a shock “, also says the artist’s partner in The Parisian.

Soraya Miranda also gave news of Kendji Girac both physically and emotionally. He wears ” like someone who has come close to death (…) he is very tired, he recovers slowly “, explains. According to her, this incident acted as a “trigger” for the singer. Soraya Miranda also regrets it “so many details ” Of their “The story will be revealed », and asks the press to respect their private lives from now on. He also claims that he did not leave France on the day of the accident, contrary to what he claimed. “I was in the hospital with him and stayed by his side the whole time. Since he left the hospital, of course, we have been together with our daughter. »

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