Sasha Stone shared details of her life with Nadezhda Sysoeva

Sasha Stone is on the “Morning” program. TNT” shared the details of his life with Nadezhda Sysoeva.

“I have a French bulldog and now a maltipoo; This is Nadya’s dog. And they require attention, especially the Maltipoo. My dog ​​is very calm and even lazy: he does not lie down and disturb anyone. However, Rusty may want to hit his face with his paws and go outside in the morning. So every morning starts with this,” said the athlete. It seems that a real paradise reigns in the couple’s relationship.

Sasha Stone. Photo: social networks

Let us also remind you that Valya Carnival and Sasha Stone got close on the set of the TV series “Stars in Africa”. And in the spring of 2022, the blogger proposed to the girl. In June 2023, Sasha announced that she was free. In January this year, Sasha Stone and Nadezhda Sysoeva were suspected of having an affair after flying to Phuket together. Read the details of their relationship here.

Source: People Talk

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