The 4 best miniseries to watch on Netflix this weekend

If My Little Reindeer has awakened all your desire for binge-watching, we have selected other miniseries among the best in the Netflix catalogue.

Miniseries are the best of both worlds. Longer than a film, they allow us to immerse ourselves for a few hours in a new universe and characters we grow fond of (or hate). But their format remains short and above all allows you to do so overcome unbearable suspense. To stay on topic My little reindeerwe just maintained the most breathless.

An almost normal family

The Sandells are a very normal family: Adam is a priest, Ulrika is a lawyer and their daughter Stella is 19 years old. They live a perfect life in a residential suburb of Lund. But one day, everything changes when Stella is accused of killing her boyfriend and thrown into prison. Disconcerted, her parents don’t know what to do. What happened ? They want to help Stella at all costs, but what do they know about their daughter? What about each other?

Upon his exit, An almost normal family found itself in Netflix’s top 10 in no fewer than 81 countries. We understand better why, when we know to what extent these 6 episodesyou know unbearable suspense devour each other in one fell swoop.

In their eyes: one of the worst legal cases in the United States

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google, In their eyes Netflix subscribers rebelled and shocked. There is no doubt about the quality of the program, given that it is signed by Aba DuVernay, an African-American filmmaker who directed in particular the excellent documentary The 13thalso available on Netflix.

In their eyes // Source: Netflix
In their eyes

Alone four episodes, the miniseries returns to one of the emblematic cases of systemic racism in the United States. In New York, in 1989, a white woman is left for dead after being raped in Central Park. The police immediately charged 5 young black and Hispanic men present near the scene of the attack. The rules governing an investigation are completely violated and the young people are arrested, without a lawyer, without DNA, without testimonies and in the absence of their parents. They received 6 to 13 years in prison…until the truth came out years later.

Expect to be stunned by the absurdity of an American justice system riddled with racism. But also to be touched by the broken and very real fate of this woman and these young people.

Incredible: an all too precise series on the words of rape victims

Another series as revolting as it is shocking, with a dizzying score on the rating platforms. On Google, incredible gets 4.9 stars out of 5. Here we follow the true story and terrible of Marie Adler (a pseudonym in the series), a young woman who is the victim of rape in her apartment. Marie calls the police. She didn’t suspect that they would question her word given the absence of traces left by the attacker at the crime scene. One thing led to another and the police put pressure on the victim until she withdrew the complaint. From that moment on, the reaction will be violent and everyone around Marie, from her friends to her family to her colleagues, will reject her.

But the series doesn’t stop there, and takes the form of a hunt that lasts several years…

Making a Murderer: A Chilling Documentary Thriller

Fans ofAnatomy of a fallwe invite you to prolong with this the pleasure of analyzing the dysfunctional functioning of justice gripping miniseries and without downtime.

With its hundreds of positive notes on Allociné, Commit murder it’s a unmissable true crime genre. The series even won four Emmys, including Best Documentary Series. And for good reason: beyond the news, this docu-thriller filmed over 13 years analyzes an American judicial system corrupted by power relations and corruption.

We find ourselves immersed in the tragic fate of Steven Avery, an American who spent 18 years of his life in prison for sexual assault before being exonerated… then accused of killing a young woman, two years after his release from prison.

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