Robin Wright will star and direct the adaptation of THE GIRLFRIEND series on Amazon; Also in the cast is Olivia Cooke

Amazon Prime Video has ordered a series adaptation of the Michelle Francesca novel Girlfriend with Robin Wright (The princess bride, House of cards) set to be protagonist and directed. It has been announced Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One, House of the Dragon), Laura Davidson (Mary and George), AND Waleed Zuaiter (London gang) will star in the series alongside Wright.

The official description of the series reads: “Laura (Wright) wants nothing. She has a brilliant career, a loving husband, Howard (Zuaiter), and, best of all, she has Daniel (Davidson), her precious only son. But Laura’s seemingly perfect life is turned upside down when Daniel brings home Cherry (Cooke), the girl who changes everything. After an uncomfortable first meeting, Laura becomes convinced that Cherry is not who she says she is. Even though no one else can see what she sees, Laura refuses to stand by and watch Daniel be deceived. She will do anything to protect him. As things go from bad to deadly, the question is: Is Cherry a manipulative social climber? Or is Laura paranoid and possessive? Truth is a matter of perspective.”

Gabbie Asher and Naomi Sheldon serve as writers for the series, with episodes also written by Marek Horn, Ava Wong Davies, Isis Davis and Helen Kingston. Asher is also an executive producer. Wright serves as executive producer in addition to acting and directing.

Wright said of the project:

“I am thrilled to direct and star in this incredibly delightful psychological thriller, full of twists and surprising characters, and to work with such talented actors, Olivia and Laurie, and an overall amazing cast and crew… so excited!”

via: Variety

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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