Kanye West pays symbolic tribute to Alexander McQueen

Tonight was the last game of the 2024 National Football League season (Super Bowl), where not only real football fans, but also A-list stars traditionally gather. Usually, when the game is interrupted, everyone expects a brilliant performance from the musician; He performed hits from rapper Usher this year and Rihanna in the past. During the match, long-awaited trailers are also presented, for example, that night the world saw a teaser for “Deadpool and Wolverine” and the movie “Wicked” with Arina Grande.

Bailiff. Photo: Getty Images

This Super Bowl was organized under the name Swiftie Bowl, thanks to singer Taylor Swift. Her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, was at the game tonight and the Kansas City Chiefs won. It was surprising to see Taylor’s nemesis Kanye West at the match this year. Yes, the rapper showed up to the Super Bowl despite (or?) the night’s main star.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey. Photo: Getty Images

Kanye West’s appearance was no less impressive, though not as discussed. The rapper paid tribute to the great British designer Alexander McQueen. It turned out to be very symbolic because yesterday, February 11, was the anniversary of his death. Kanye decided to honor the memory of the fashion legend and appeared at the Super Bowl wearing an archival mask from his iconic 1996 Dante collection.

Meanwhile, Kanye West even bought advertising for his brand during the game. $7 million – and the 30-second video, which included a call to go to the website, was watched by thousands of viewers.

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