How to understand on a date that a man is bad in bed?

Shakespeare said; All lovers vow to fulfill more than they can, not even what is possible. The same can be said about our expectations at the beginning of a relationship. Many people dream of perfect compatibility, but in practice this is very rare. Even a one-night stand can lead to disappointment. Here are a few signs that will make it clear, even in a restaurant, that your partner is bad in bed.

He worries too much about his appearance

Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “The Great Gatsby”

You wandered for hours in front of the mirror to choose the right outfit, and your chosen one could not take his eyes off his reflection in random objects all evening. We are sorry that your efforts were in vain. After all, he is much more interested in how he looks into your eyes. He is too selfish and self-centered to pay attention to you. When it comes to sex, your pleasure is unlikely to be his priority.

He doesn’t dance well

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Dancers are very flexible and understand their bodies very well. They are comfortable and sensitive, so they are unique in bed. The same cannot be said for athletes, most of whom use painkillers and tire themselves out by training in the gym. Sex drive decreases. If you notice that your partner moves well, you will definitely not be bored with him and you will learn something new!

It’s not a compliment

A frame from the movie “Love has no measure”

If the gentleman did not say a single pleasant word throughout the evening, then it is unlikely that he is so good in sex. If a man needs to just look at a woman to desire her, then for women everything is more complicated. We want to feel attractive and special. It is no coincidence that they say that a woman loves with her ears. Even a shy and silent man showers the girl he loves with pleasant words and sweet words.

Does not ask personal questions

Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd in “Idol”

You only talk about off-topic things but never say a word about personal matters? Even if you need a partner for a night, whether it will be pleasant or not is still a lottery. However, ideally the gentleman should be interested in your preferences in bed. After all, some people like difficult games, some love romance. It is best to discuss such issues “on board” to avoid disappointment.

Too fast

Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling in The Notebook

You just met and his hand is already on your waist? You ordered food and he touched your leg under the table? We kissed and he already called you? You have a whole evening ahead of you, but it is as if he is not extending the minutes with you, but is trying to get into a horizontal position as soon as possible. Experienced lovers do not do this because the slightest thing can ruin the pleasure. In addition, sex sometimes begins before sex: flirting and joking at the table. In the process of communication, there is an opportunity to learn better about your partner’s preferences so as not to be disappointed with the result. After all, if you hurry, you’ll make people laugh. And somehow it’s not nice at all when you are perceived as a “piece of meat” without feelings and emotions.

bad kisser

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If a man is far from puberty, but has still not learned to kiss, he is unlikely to please his chosen one in sex. It’s natural to feel embarrassed if you don’t know each other well, but harshness and awkwardness are bad signals.

unpleasant odor

A frame from the movie “From My Window”

Hygiene is the key to health and attractiveness to others. Cleanliness in the intimate area plays an important role. It would be good if your partner wears perfume. This shows that he does not care about the girl’s comfort. He will try to please and please. Additionally, each person has their own natural scent that intoxicates certain partners with whom they are extremely compatible. It is important not to eat foods with strange aromas before an appointment. Even if the dish is relatively new, it can be quite persistent. Therefore, a man who pays attention to this issue in advance has a higher chance of his partner enjoying it.

drinks a lot

Mads Mikkelsen in “One More Time”

If the gentleman touches the glass, the date is in danger of turning into a fight. Additionally, alcohol suppresses sexual desire and causes erectile dysfunction. So who likes the smell of alcohol in bed?

Inappropriate meticulousness

Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan in Shame

Although pedants look neat and even overly well-groomed, in bed they are quite predictable and uncreative, because it is important for them to control everything. This creates tension and ruins the romantic mood. Often such people are called “unbearable.” They can try on the role of fighters for justice and prove to the saleswoman that she is lacking.

Bragging about “exploits”

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes in Tiffin After

This behavior is common in people with narcissistic personality disorder. After all, it is known that no girl will be happy to listen to such stories. True, narcissists expect their stories to make them want to compete with an imaginary rival. This technique in psychology is called triangulation. In reality, narcissists use sex as a way to bind their victims to them. It is difficult for them to get pleasure, so they take out their complexes on their partners. Therefore, no matter how cool they try to look, they are just very heroic lovers.

Rudeness to waiters

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Table manners can say a lot about a person. Pay attention to whether he chooses the dishes with confidence: yes, he is confident and knows exactly what he wants. If he tries to impress you with his wine and flavor options, this means he is a real gourmet. And as you know, people with good appetites are excellent lovers. It’s another matter when a man persistently chooses people without asking your opinion. This speaks of the desire to dominate, including in bed. But a worthless lover generally comes off as belligerent and aggressive toward waiters, receptionists, and service personnel. Be careful, most likely he is not restrained towards his loved ones either. There is a possibility that he is an abuser, or even a psychopath. By the way, we have previously written about what the “dark triad” in psychology is and which people should be avoided.

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