Is it possible to enlarge breasts without surgery? Plastic surgeons and beauticians answer

A question that every girl with insufficient breast volume (in her opinion) has googled at least once. And most likely, I found dozens of articles describing different methods: regularly apply a special cream to increase breast volume, drink special supplements, massage the mammary glands or do exercises focusing on the chest area. Spoiler: None of these methods can affect breast size. Some may even cause negative consequences. We talked with plastic surgeons and beauticians about which modern non-surgical techniques will bring results and which ones will not.

What determines breast size?

“Breast size is different in every woman. It is determined by two parameters: the volume of the gland and the amount of fat. The first indicator is influenced by genetics and hormonal levels. Therefore, some note that breasts increase during pregnancy and lactation, as well as during certain periods of the menstrual cycle. The second is also genetics and the amount of fat in the body as a whole,” says Rami Hamoud, plastic surgeon at the RAMI clinic.

Based on this, it is extremely unlikely that any product, whether cream or tablet, will reliably enlarge breasts. According to Rami Hamoud, at best the drugs will not work. At worst, the drugs will actually help increase the volume of the mammary gland, affecting hormonal levels. They may produce some result, but it is unlikely to be predictable and safe.

Igor Krayushkin, plastic surgeon at Olymp Clinic, also believes: “The only way to enlarge the mammary glands without any intervention is pregnancy and breastfeeding.” It is not possible to achieve long-term effects with the help of medications. The situation is the same with massage. It may create the illusion of enlargement by temporarily increasing blood flow to the breasts, but the effect will be short-lived.

Can fillers be used to increase breast volume?

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The rampant increase in fillers has already spread throughout the body. Procedures called “breast correction with hyaluronic acid fillers” have begun to appear on the menu of some clinics. However, Ekaterina Medvedeva, a beautician at the Tori clinic and a doctor who has been performing fillers for more than 15 years, believes that this technique is unsafe:

“Fillers are a specialized tool for working even on the face where small volumes are required, so they cannot be used for breast augmentation.

FirstlyThere is no guarantee of a stable form of the mammary gland. While the implant has a rigidly defined shape, the gel does not have such a shape. Even when we work on the face in small volumes, there is a risk of displacement of the filler, since active and mobile zones create the prerequisites for the movement of any filler. If we are talking about breasts, large volumes, the question arises of how stable the shape in this area will be kept.

SecondlyThe doctor works blindly, does not know where to inject the medicine. If surgeons have an open surgical wound and have a clear understanding of where to insert the implant (there are specific insertion sites where the implant is stable and does not migrate), when it comes to fillers the doctor does not have a clear control and understanding of where to inject the implant. drug – into the gland, into the subcutaneous fatty tissue and even under the muscle.

Third, high dosage. Any foreign filler we put into the body creates an intense immune response area. The body will always actively react to these areas and try to somehow work with them – dissolve, eliminate, wrap in a capsule.

In fact, the facts I have listed show that breast enlargement with fillers is not only impossible, but also impossible.”

How to enlarge breasts without surgery?

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Fillers are not suitable. So what other options are there? Ivan Krayushkin says that in the 90s, shellless implants were used – gels introduced into the tissue through small holes. Over time, patients developed serious complications, the gel migrated, inflammation occurred, and the desired body contours were distorted. For this reason, this method was abandoned in a short time. Today, lipofilling (transplantation of one’s own fatty tissue) and silicone implants with a durable shell are considered safe (but this is already surgery).

Who is lipofilling indicated for?

First of all, lipofilling is a procedure that results in increasing the volume and correcting the shape of the breast by using the patient’s own fat tissue without using an implant. This implies two important features of the procedure.

FirstlyLipofilling method is not suitable for everyone. According to Rami Hamoud, the procedure cannot be performed on very thin women who do not have enough excess fat in their bodies for transplantation.

SecondlyThe lipofilling process ensures that your breasts do not increase by more than one or two sizes. According to Ivan Krayushkin, this method is suitable for correcting minor breast defects: scars, congestions. The maximum volume that can be injected into a breast is approximately 150 ml, and large amounts of fat can lead to lump formation, making breast tumors difficult to diagnose.

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