What manicure should you not use to celebrate the New Year 2024?

Next year the Throne will pass under the auspices of the Green Dragon. We have already written about what shades of manicure will be successful for the festive evening, and now it’s time to talk about the colors that should be avoided.

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Shadows that will not bring good luck to the dragon:

Blue. It is believed that the dragon does not like dark colors, especially blue.

White. This color symbolized death in ancient China. And the Dragon is a symbol of life, energy and prosperity.

Dark brown. It is also considered unlucky for the Dragon, so it should not be used in manicures.

Dark yellow. It has become the color of Chinese rulers, so according to tradition it cannot bring happiness to ordinary people.

The shades that the patron of the coming year likes include gold, red and green (only those born in the year of the Dragon should avoid it). They can be used in make-up and manicure.

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