How did the actors of the TV series “Supernatural” change?

One would think that the adventures of the Winchester brothers would never end, because after 15 years, nothing can surprise their fans. But unfortunately the series is over. As devoted fans, we decided to remember what the main actors of the Supernatural series looked like in the first seasons and see what they look like now. We must warn you, they have all aged like fine wine.

Jensen Ackles – Dean Winchester

Jared Padalecki – Sam Winchester

Mark Sheppard-Crowley

Samantha Smith – Mary Winchester

Jeffrey Dean Morgan – John Winchester

Jim Beaver – Bobby Singer

Mark Pellegrino – Lucifer

Kim Rhodes – Jody Mills

Ruth Connell – Rowena MacLeod

Genevieve Padalecki – Ruby

Danneel Ackles – Sister Jo/Angel Anael

Rob Benedict – Chuck / God

Emily Swallow – Amara

Alexander Calvert – Jack Kline

Richard Speight Jr. – Archangel Gabriel

Alona Tal – Joe Harwell

Felisha Day – Charlie Bradbury

Lauren Cohan – Bela Talbot

Kathryn Newton-Claire Novak

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