5 Entertaining Netflix drama series about dysfunctional families

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5 funny Netflix drama series about dysfunctional families – Special (Netflix)

Within the Netflix catalog, subscribers can find some of the best series released in recent years, where the productions that offer plots with touches of drama undoubtedly stand out, especially those that have plots about dysfunctional families, so they are titles that manage to captivate the audience from the first episode.

In the drama series about dysfunctional families offered by Netflixusers can witness different moments of reflection that generate a huge dose of entertainment, for this reason these titles are perfect for a good marathon on the streaming platform and if you are looking for something to watch on this service, here we show you 5 of them sets.


Without a doubt, ‘Ozark’ is one of the best drama series offered by Netflix, a title starring actor Jason Bteman that shows how a family’s life changes completely when their father, a successful accountant, is forced to move with his children and wife in the distant lakes of the Ozarks, to earn money for a dangerous drug dealer.


Similarly, another drama series about dysfunctional families you can’t pass up on Netflix is ‘Riverdale’, a captivating title that offers four seasons on this streaming platform, focusing on a group of friends and their families, who find themselves in the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

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“Ginny and Georgia”

With a touch of comedy, ‘Ginny and Georgia’ is another of the gripping drama series on Netflixa very entertaining title ideal for marathoning on this platform, as it centers around a mother and her two children who decide to move up north to start from scratch, however they quickly discover that the fresh start is full of bumps.

‘The crown’

For 5 seasons, ‘The Crown’ has showcased the dysfunctional moments of the British royal family in England, as this title deals with the history of royalty since Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne of the United Kingdom, also presenting the controversies that have affected the English monarchy in recent decades.


With 5 seasons available on this streaming service, ‘Dynasty’ is one of the best drama series offered by the catalog of this platform, a captivating title that focuses on two wealthy families, who are involved in a struggle for power, prestige and love, this in the high society of the city of Atlanta.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix