The most interesting: Disney + documentaries that will completely captivate you

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Most Interesting: Disney+ Documentaries That Will Completely Wow You – Special (Disney)

Since its arrival in the world of streaming, Disney+ has become one of the most interesting platforms for subscribers, since it has titles of practically all genres and of great quality, where for many the best section of this service is that of documentaries, since address unique and interesting topics.

Streaming service Disney+ has some of the best documentaries released in recent years, perfect know-it-all productions that manage to captivate anyone, so if you’re looking for something to watch on this platform, here we show you 5 of these must-see titles and interesting.

“Boundless: With Chris Hemsworth”

As the name reveals, this original National Geographic production stars Chris Hemsworth, a title that has become one of the the best documentaries you can watch on Disney+, a production that shows how this famous actor is on a mission to live better for longer with the help of the best scientists, facing 6 epic challenges to challenge the mind and body.

“Star Wars: Empire of Dreams”

‘Star Wars: Empire of Dreams’ is another of Disney+ documentaries to seea title that deals with the history of this franchise created by George Lucas, which changed the way of making films forever, influencing several generations, a title that presents interviews with some of the most important characters of this saga.

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“The Beatles: Come Back”

Disney+ has the exclusive documentary on “The Beatles: Get Back”, a very interesting title for music fans, three episodes that have been directed by the director of “The Lord of the Rings”, Peter Jackson, a production that features unreleased material from recording sessions of the iconic “Let It Be” album, making it a one-of-a-kind series.

“A Day at Disney”

Similarly, another god must-see documentaries on Disney+ is ‘A Day at Disney+’, an interesting original production of this streaming service, focused on the people who make the magic of the company of the mouse possible, which has several episodes and shows unpublished images and exclusive interviews.

“Hugging the Panda: Behind Red”

‘Hugging the Panda: Behind Red’ is a must have for Pixar fans, a production released on the mouse service in 2022, showcasing the outstanding work done by the entire team of women who directed the hit animated film of ‘Red’, presenting how this gripping and entertaining family story came to be.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix