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Must-See Netflix True Crime Original Series – Courtesy (Netflix)

It’s no secret that productions based on real events are the most interesting in the world of streaming, and Netflix is ​​one of the platforms that offers the most titles of the genre to its millions of users, a section where true crime series undoubtedly stand out, because they offer incredible stories.

The true crime series that Netflix offers to its subscribers are unmissable within this platform, because they have plots that seem to be taken from a fiction book, which is why they generate great entertainment, titles with touches of drama and suspense, perfect for the marathon . Therefore, here we show you 5 such captivating productions.


‘Inconceivable’ is an original production of this service launched in 2019, which develops its story in just 8 chapters and is considered one of the best true crime series on netflixbecause this title deals with the story of a young woman accused of lying about her rape, and only years later two women begin to investigate a series of similar assaults.

“Narcos: Mexico”

Similarly, another god true crime series not to be missed on Netflix is ‘Narcos: Mexico’, a title starring Diego Luna and Michael Peña where subscribers of this platform can see the creation of the Guadalajara Cartel in the 80s in the Aztec country, an organization that changed this criminal activity forever in the world.

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The killer Sally

It is one of Critically acclaimed true crime series on Netflixan investigative title released in 2022, a documentary production featuring interviews with friends, family and Sally’ herself, a production that tells the story of a married couple of bodybuilders and their shocking end, a murder on Valentine’s Day.

“The Greco Family Secret”

Another production that arrived on Netflix in 2022 and that you cannot miss on this platform is ‘El Secreto de la Familia Greco’, a title that you can also see in just one day, since it takes place in 9 episodes, a production made in Mexico which follows the true story of a seemingly perfect family, who secretly kidnap wealthy people for ransom to maintain their way of life.


Made in Sweden, ‘Clark’ is a Netflix original production released in the first half of 2022, a title that focuses on the man who inspired the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, as despite his crimes he has garnered adoration based on scams, gaining great international fame, no doubt, a must-see story on this streaming platform.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix