The kids confuse Drag Queen with Elsa from “Frozen” and eagerly ask for pictures

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Frozen-princess-wallpapers-top-free-frozen-princess-backgrounds—-wallpaperaccess.jpg – Special: NaciónFlix / Facebook: Silvanashow (Disney)

There is no doubt that children have the greatest innocence in the world, and although it is something we already know and admire about the little ones, this time they have taught us a great lesson and also an example. During the celebration of the Xmatkuil Fair in Mérida, Mexico, a group of children confused a Drag Queen with Elsa, the queen of ‘Frozen’ (Disney Plus) and without hesitation they ran to ask her for pictures.

While the Xmatkuil fair was held in Mérida, Mónica Bracamontes, a beautiful and famous Drag Queen from Yucatán, was confused with none other than Elsa from Arendel, sister of Anna, both protagonists of the Disney film ‘Frozen’. Ice cream was what children were like when they saw such a character until they thought they were in one of the Walt Disney parks, and as would happen in this place, they also took pictures of themselves, attracted by her spectacular blue dress.

Monica happily posed with the kids who innocently believed she was the real Elsa, and she was, she was no different. the drag she was wearing such a spectacular shiny blue dresswhich looked like a costume made by Disney’s creators in one of its parks.

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The children asked Monica for photos, dressed as Queen Elsa. Photo: Silvanashow.

Bracamontes outfit was so similar to that of the film’s blonde queen that more than a dozen children who crowded around Mónica to ask for her photo. The woman didn’t hesitate for a second to please the illusion of minors and enjoy her dress that looked perfect with tremendous hair.

Mónica Bracamontes and her friend Silvanashow greeted the confusion with humor

The photos were circulated on social networks and quickly gained prominence. Even a close friend of the Drag Queen made a joke about the moment he experienced during the aforementioned fair, creating a post on Facebook, the social network where the contents were mainly disseminated.

Silvanashow was the one who shared some images of what happened in the Yucatan, and other users shared photos that may have been taken that day with Drag looking like Elsa. The post was accompanied by a text that seized the moment and the confrontation between the two queens with great humour:

When you go with your friend in disguise and the kids mistake her for Elsa”.

Children and teenagers took the opportunity to take pictures with the alleged Elsa. Photo: Silvanashow.

Netizens thanked Monica for taking the situation gracefully and not breaking the children’s illusions. Subsequently, in a live broadcast, Silvanashow explained that the children and adolescents left the mechanical attractions of the fair aside to take a picture with their friend.

She also claimed that she never thought her post would go viral, it was all a joke between friends that she never imagined would end up like this, surpassing 4,000 shares.

You should really upload the photo just to chill and see what happened, we better be into pure kids parties,” Silvanashow said.

Despite the hoopla on social media and at the fair itself, there’s no doubt Monica looks like a queen and for evidence, what happened.

By Karen Magallanes

Source: Nacion Flix