Tim Burton: “Of course I would work with Johnny Depp again at some point”

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Tim Burton presented his exhibition ‘The Labyrinth’ in Madrid, an immersive experience in his work that can be seen from 29 September at the Espacio Ibercaja Delicias. Taking advantage of the occasion, the director of ‘Eduardo Mani di Scbice’ or ‘Alice in Wonderland’ shared a gap in his agenda with the media, including eCartelera, to tell about his career, talk about the changes taking place in the audiovisual industry and also to mention his work with Johnny Depp, now at the center of the hurricane for his media trial with Amber Heard.

Entering his career, Burton began by answering a question about the bright side that plagues monsters in his workthose characters rejected by the society it treats from a therapeutic, emotional and even romantic point of view.

“It seems like a therapeutic problem to me when a film or a drawing deals with one of these problems. I have always liked monsters, they have never seemed bad to me. I think they have a very nice emotional part and as you said this type of film has me. always encouraged. Besides, if my films have had an impact on someone, I already feel comfortable with that. “the director made his debut. “I love monsters and connect with them a lot. And they seem like things that are not mutually exclusive, light and dark, a monster and the tender part of romance “nuanced

The man in charge of “Ed Wood” or “Big Fish” is also back to his roots, when from his early childhood drawings and artwork he received criticism for embracing darkness, which he believes helped him develop a stamina. and to get carried away by the artistic process regardless of the opinions of others. “In a way, I have resisted those criticisms. And now I am grateful that I really enjoy the drawing process. This has guided me a lot and I think that it is important to be guided by what you like and not by the opinion that others have of what you do. If there is no pleasure in what you do, it is very difficult to achieve nothing. You don’t have to do things out of obligation. And I think most of the inspiration has to come from there. “detailed about its creation process.

Tim Burton at his show in Madrid

Another feature of Tim Burton’s filmography is their tendency to work repeatedly with the same actors and actressesas he recognizes that he likes to see the same people “in new fields”. However, he notes that the distribution of his films is not something he establishes in advance, but that he prefers “the project” to dictate who he works with and who he doesn’t, as he enjoys working with both his veteran actors and those who don’t. joining the Burtonian universe for the first time.

A clear assiduous in his work is Johnny Depp, who has long been away from major Hollywood productions after the controversy with Amber Heard. When asked if he would work with him again on an alleged future film, Burton didn’t close this door. “Sure, at some point”said the director referring to the resumption of his collaboration with the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, with whom he has not worked since ‘Dark Shadows’ in 2012. Furthermore, in another meeting with students moderated by Álex de la Iglesia as part of his exhibition in Madrid, the director returned to respond on the subject by repeating his reply . However, he has shown no intention of this meeting taking place in the short term. “Now he’s a rock star”he joked.

Forerunner in superhero movies

Tim Burton was one of the first directors to delve into the world of superheroes. When the genre was not yet enjoying today’s success and fame, it broke expectations with its ‘Batman’, which in 1989 became one of the greatest hits in film history and gave free rein to the studios began to take an interest in. I develop my own comic book franchises. However, “Batman” and its sequel were chosen for their highly obscure approach, which the director finds it amusing given the current drift of the genre.

“I remember making these films, the studios told me my film is too dark. And now I laugh because there isn’t a single film that isn’t dark enough. Mine is almost a fairy tale compared to what is being done now”, he has declared. Additionally, she also talked about Michael Keaton’s return as Bruce Wayne in “The Flash”, a fact he joked about, mentioning a conversation he had with the actor “Bitelchus” during the production of “Batman.” “.

“It makes me a lot of fun, because when we did that Batman in the ’80s I remember it We laughed between the two of us saying ‘Wait, in 40 years you will dress up as Batman and you will be the one opening the malls and they will hire you to host birthday parties’. But no, she’s playing Batman seriously again. “counted.

Tim Burton at his show in Madrid

Beyond the industry drift regarding superhero movies, Burton, a coalition that just first worked with a streaming platform on Netflix’s “Wednesday,” also analyzed the changes that platforms have brought to Hollywoodshowing confidence that cinema on the big screen will continue to occupy a good place among viewers’ options.

“This is my first time working on something like this. Years ago I had a feeling that the industry was changing, that no more movies would be made for cinema, that everything would be streamed, … But it seems to me that people still like movies and from time to time they like to go see them in large format.”, He explained. “Therefore, my perspective is more positive than a few years ago and I believe that everything has its value and its space”.

Another important change that the audiovisual industry is facing is the way in which the excess of information that plagues the Internet affects viewing experiences, as is often the case in social networks. In this sense, Burton is not at all satisfied with this drift of the world, so much so that he is even grateful that he was not born at this time.

“I don’t use social networks, they scare me. They don’t make me feel good, I’m also very worried about my children in general. I think it’s something that affects your mind, or at least in my case, because it affects Me from the negative side. Everyone seems to know everything before they see things, and also, in a way, it prevents you from seeing things from a new point of view because it seems they already know everything. “highlighted in this regard.

“When it comes to social networks, how the world has changed and how everything is fragmented and the amount of information that invades us, the truth is that I am happy not to have been born in this time and to have been able to go from child to watching a film without knowing everything and without being influenced by a lot of media and information “, has continued. However, despite this clash of ideas that he recognizes he has in front of the new generations, he trusts that he can connect with them through their stories and even act as an influence.

‘The labyrinth’, an immersive exhibition

How logical it was, Tim Burton also addressed several aspects related to his exhibition in Madrid. This experience, called ‘The Labyrinth’, offers a series of themed rooms with his films and his artistic works where, in addition to enjoying figures, materials and sketches known to all, original drawings and details by the director himself are presented. they have never been offered exhibits until now. “The truth is that every time I make a drawing I don’t know if it will end up being a film or what it will end up being or through which door I will end up exiting, because this represents my head, but my drawing always has the possibility of ending with a movie”explained on the material displayed.

The tour does not allow you to visit the entire exhibition in one visit, as its labyrinthine nature lets you choose between different rooms to advance into. And once the path is selected, there is no going back and seeing what was in the next room. Its handlers support this decision as they raised the exhibit not as a museum exhibit to use, but as an immersive experience where visitors can get into Tim Burton’s immense and chaotic mind (in a good way). And the director seems to be happy with what they have accomplished.

Tim Burton exhibition in Madrid

According to Burton, it is difficult for him to stay with just one corner of what is on display in Madrid, because he believes that this whole maze perfectly represents the way his head works. “I can’t just keep one room, because it seems to me that they all represent how my head works great. You open a door and you don’t know where you’re going. And I’m still very good without understanding my head, so imagine”. In fact, she compares it to the feeling she has with his films, who, while recognizing that there are some better than others, chooses to love them all in the same way.

“It’s very difficult for me to choose. Besides, it’s fun because I forget all the movies I make. But I don’t see it that way and I can’t pick one because they’re all part of me, the good ones and the bad ones. They’re all different. See formerly “Batman” and “Alice in Wonderland”. They are all like your children, you love them all the same. Some are uglier and some are less”counted.

The ‘Tim Burton. The labyrinth can be visited at the Espacio Ibercaja Delicias from 29 September.

Source: E Cartelera