“ZKD”, “Zaitsev+1” and “Difficult Teenagers”: how the most important youth TV series of the 1910s ended

Not everyone had a happy ending.

Do you also recognize this phenomenon when you come across a series on TV, watch it for weeks and then forget about it with one click, even though the finale is still far away? This is what happened to us with “The Law of the Concrete Jungle”, “Difficult Teenagers” and “Zaitsev+1”. It’s time to find out what all the fuss is about.


The series about a man with a split personality appeared 13 years ago, but is still considered one of the most original and unique TNT projects. At least the first season, because the next two only made things worse.

At the end of the second season, Fyodor and Sasha communicate separately with a psychologist to destroy their second personality, and at the beginning of the third it seems that Sasha has won – the character of Mikhail Galustyan does not appear. But after a few episodes everything goes back to normal.

Sasha’s father appears in the plot – also with a split personality, and the second personality was played by Gerard Depardieu! It all ended when the Zaitsevs celebrated the New Year on the bus. In fact. definitively without end.

“The Law of the Concrete Jungle”

The ending of “ZKD”, unlike “Zaitsev+1”, turned out to be surprisingly dramatic. Tim finds out that Lena sent explicit photos to Goofy and leaves her. Gasha receives a call from his father, who is in prison, and offers to meet, after which it turns out that father was allied with Winter. The latter accidentally shoots Gosha, and he dies in the arms of his friends.

Vadik traps Tima, Tsypa and Zhuk – the police tie them up when the trio arrive at a garage full of illegal substances.

“The law of the concrete jungle is when it’s you or you”, this is the simple moral that put an end to the most popular project.

“Difficult Teens”

In the fifth season, the plot gradually led to a committee considering canceling our heroes’ suspended sentences.

As a result, everyone is released from the center, the boys leave the school, hug Kovalev and go into the sunset. Romantic, logical, if a bit boring.

Photo source: Still from the TV series “Law of the Concrete Jungle”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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