The 5 Worst Movies in Netflix History: Only the Bravest Will Watch This Disgrace to the End

The 5 Worst Movies in Netflix History: Only the Bravest Will Watch This Disgrace to the End

Unsurprisingly, they weren’t shown in theaters.

Everyone knows that Netflix’s strength is in its series, and most feature films are just average or really terrible. Let’s take a look at the top five failures of the online platform, according to IMDb’s critics.

House for sale (2018), 3.3 points out of 10

A young couple decides to move to a new house in the suburbs, which they bought for a low price. However, they soon discover that the house is full of sinister secrets and supernatural phenomena.

As events unfold, they begin to suspect that the house has a dark past tied to previous owners who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Main disadvantages:

– The story is predictable and offers nothing new in the horror genre.

– Disastrous acting

– A blatant set of the most standard templates and clichés found in any first horror film.

The Ridiculous Six (2015), 4.8/10

The film is a parody of the western. The main character, Tommy “White Knife”, discovers that he has five brothers that he knew nothing about. They all get together and decide to go on a journey to find their long-lost father. Along the way they end up in various comical and absurd situations.

Main disadvantages:

– Many viewers and critics found the humor banal and unfunny.

– The plot of the film is chaotic and poorly organized.

-The characters seem generic and poorly developed, with none of the five brothers standing out.

Father of the Year (2018), 5.2/10

Two recent college graduates bet on whose father would win in a fight. This absurd idea leads to a series of ridiculous and often awkward situations where the two fathers really start to get things in order.

Main disadvantages:

– The film is full of low-grade humor, which many consider unpleasant and vulgar

– The story seems forced and unoriginal.

– The main characters do not arouse sympathy from the audience, the film does not work as a comedy.

Silence (2019), 5.3/10

The film follows a family trying to survive in a world where monsters hunt by sound. The main character, a deaf girl, uses her unique ability to communicate without sound to help her family.

Main disadvantages:

– “Silence” is often compared to “A Quiet Place”, as it is only a copy and parody.

– Much criticized for lack of originality and logical inconsistencies.

– The characters seem formal and do not evoke an emotional response.

When We First Met (2018), 6.4/10

A young man, Noah, finds a way to go back in time and change his first meeting with the girl he is in love with. Traveling through time, he tries to change their relationship, but each time he encounters new surprises.

Main disadvantages:

– The comedy seems unsuccessful and boring to many viewers due to a weak script and bad jokes

– Plot moves are repeated over and over again, making the film monotonous and predictable.

– The main characters do not develop during the film.

Photo source: Still from the movie “The Ridiculous Six”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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