Things that change when you go from 2 to 3 children (and there are many more)

Are you thinking of taking the plunge and having a fourth child? What I am about to share with you is definitely not foreign to you. Here are the things that changed in my life going from 2 to 4. This list is not exhaustive.

When the twins burst into my life and made me leave mother of two children, an overall classic scheme, being the mother of four children I fell into the category of large families at the same time. This category of people we look at strangely with a mixture of admiration and fear. Those who have the sacrosanct large family card, which makes me say, every time I take the train, “and to think that I don’t pay the full price”. And no, I wasn’t ready for all the upheavals induced by the presence of these four people who prevented us from living peacefully. I don’t think anyone is. So I’ll try to tell you the things that have really changed in my life in the last 3 years, in case some of you try to move on to 3 or more. This list is completely subjective.

The noise is constant

I have to tell you a secret. Sometimes I wear earplugs in the middle of the day to have some peace and quiet. This allows me to still listen to them all, but at a slightly lower volume. I don’t know if it’s related to the fact that I only have boys or that the latter are twins, but the noise is constant in our house. The little ones scream, the older ones fight, the cat meows… I often have the impression that not four, but ten children live in this house. We clearly no longer get along with my partner.

We spend our time buying food

Yes, you have to say, your racing budget explodes when you’re a family of six. And frankly I wasn’t ready. I feel like I spend my time grocery shopping. Everything goes very (too) fast. As soon as they get bored, teenagers eat. Who would have told me that one day I would sell 25 yogurts a week. Suffice it to say, I’ve given up on brands.

Clutter is everywhere

I’m a maniacal person, but I have to admit that it’s becoming difficult for me to have a tidy house. Between preteens leaving their stuff everywhere and 3-year-old twins running around with their toys, you have to learn to ignore the empty yogurt pots and washed bath towels in the living room. But not dirty, don’t even joke.

Family trips are complicated (or even impossible)

Yes, 2-year-olds do not have the same needs or desires as 10- and 12-year-old preteens. Finding a program that works for everyone is literally impossible. We often end up in the park, luckily the good weather returns. What bothers me is that we are probably missing out on interesting things because of the little ones. Maybe we should split up, one goes out with the older ones, the other with the younger ones. At the same time, my adults don't like going out anymore and I don't want to force them anymore.

Time for yourself no longer exists

With 4 kids, a full time job… the time left to focus on myself is non-existent. Sometimes it makes me angry, it frustrates me and I tell myself that my sense of sacrifice is not that developed. And sometimes I tell myself that this is the life I chose and I keep quiet (2 seconds). They, they and they are the priority.

The second hand becomes your best friend

Children are not interested in "new" things. They don't care that their older siblings' clothes or toys are in perfect condition purchased on Vinted and others. The move to 4 forced us to optimize our clothing budget. And it's the little ones who toast! No, I'm just joking. The truth is, I love getting good deals, telling myself that they look great and that I didn't spend a fortune. And then it warms my heart to see the twins wearing adult clothes.

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