Charlize Theron almost disrupted filming over a feud with Tom Hardy: something the stars didn’t share

Charlize Theron almost disrupted filming over a feud with Tom Hardy: something the stars didn't share

The artists did not get along.

George Miller’s film set turned into a real hell, but he just tried to organically “combine” such different Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron on the screen. The actress literally looked at her colleague every time he left the caravan.

The culprit is the very large differences in temperament and working methods between the two big Hollywood stars, which almost forced the filming of Mad Max to be stopped in 2015.

Hardy proved to be an overly unpredictable and idiosyncratic actor, and he did not hesitate to arrive late at the start of each shooting day. Theron, as a believer in discipline and obedience, was “terribly furious” about this, Miller recalled in an interview with The Telegraph:

“Tom has his flaws, but they contribute to the genius of his playing. At the same time, Charlize was incredibly disciplined. She studied to be a dancer and was always the first on stage.”

It is noteworthy that the performers on the screen were exactly the same – as in Fury Road, Tom and Charlize in real life had to endure each other’s shortcomings, gritting their teeth, for the sake of a common cause.

“It seemed like everything was falling apart during the pre-production phase. We didn’t even shoot, but there was already so much hostility. Tom wanted every scene explained to him, but Charlize… her main wish was simple: I just want to kill him. Let’s shoot,” Richard Norton recalled in an interview with Variety.

Fortunately, such a difficult shot paid off: the characters of Hardy and Theron in Mad Max are rightly considered among the most iconic of the 21st century.

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Photo source: Still from the movie “Mad Max”

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