Now what is the kernel? A guide to the trending aesthetics of summer 2024 that you may have missed

Now global trends are set not only by designers, stylists and famous girls, but also by ordinary users of social networks. The same TikTok’s algorithms work on the principle that any video (regardless of the number of subscribers) can go viral. So, we can now easily say that social networks have completely disrupted the hierarchy of trends reaching the masses and made fashion more accessible.

To stay informed, you no longer need to buy glossy magazines and closely watch pictures of stars; You just need to create a feed on a banned social network or any other social network and new style tricks will appear by themselves.

By the way, it is worth noting that trends now include not only things, but also aesthetics. Last year you probably heard about the sensational Barbiecore, Mermaidcore and Gothcore. There are no less real “geeks” this season. Today we will tell you about the trend aesthetics of summer 2024 that you may have missed.

tennis score

Zendaya has returned to the tennis-style fashion arena with the help of her stylist Law Roach and Loewe creative director Jonathan Anderson. After the release of the film “The Contenders”, in which the actress played the main role, images of street style heroes in Tenniscore aesthetics began to appear more and more often on social networks. The fashion community invites us to pay attention to pleated miniskirts, bracelets, headbands, polos, loose sweatshirts and, of course, high socks. By the way, we recently chose something in this style.


Office workers may not understand this trend, but all fashion bloggers and fashionistas are very happy with it. This is noticeable in the number of strict looks on social networks – influencers (those who do not live by the 9:00 – 18:00 schedule) wear trouser suits with emphasized shoulders, form-fitting blouses, pointed slingbacks, pencil skirts and other office wardrobe items. Simply put, Corpcore proves that business is cool. By the way, there is another subcategory of this “bark” called “office siren.” We talked about this in a separate article.


But the cottagecore aesthetic idealizes rural life. The style that emerged during the pandemic is based on hyper-feminine dresses with flounces, ruffles and floral patterns, as well as loose Vichy check shirts and layered skirts made of fine cotton and linen. In general, there is everything in nature that goes well with life. Adherents of this aesthetics post flowers, photos of nature, printed books and, of course, romantic outfits in the appropriate setting on social networks.


Last year, the Coquettecore trend went viral online, implying all things deliberately feminine: from puff-sleeved shirts to delicate corsets with lace detailing. Followers of this aesthetic add ribbons, pearl accessories, ruffles and, of course, bows to their looks. Shortly after, a new trend emerged on TikTok, codenamed Blokecore, based on the aesthetics of football fans. The heroes of street style began to wear sports jerseys, trousers, three-striped sweatshirts and, of course, jerseys. After some time, fashion enthusiasts decided to combine two radically opposite aesthetics and the Blokette trend was born. As you can guess from the description, fashion influencers decided to combine romantic blouses with football jerseys and add the same bows to tracksuits.

rock star girlfriend

The name of this trend seems to signal that there will be no “flirtatious” or sporty items here. Rockstar Girlfriend’s aesthetic is a mix of grunge, punk rock and ’90s style. For reference, you can use images of Kate Moss at the end of the last millennium or Alexa Chung when she was dating Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. What do trend followers wear? Their wardrobe always includes lots of leather goods (from tough leather jackets to shirts), extremely short skirts, fishnet tights, trendy micro shorts and, of course, accent belts. Let’s not forget the sunglasses that seem necessary to hide the results of weekend parties.

Coastal Cowgirl

Cowboy style has been trending for several seasons and it seems that it will not lose its place. The fashion community is still warming up to denim, suede Sweaters, fringed plaid shirts and, of course, curved-brimmed hats. And this summer, boho elements, crochet tops and trendy tiered skirts have been added to all the cowboy features. This blend is called Coastal Cowgirl.

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