On The Best Pastry Chef (M6), audiences are outraged at Merccotte’s request

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At this week’s M6 cake show, Mercotte’s technical test was on the “Tower of Scheherazade palace”, a very complex cake. The result stunned the audience.

September 21, 2022, this Wednesday, season eleven best pastry chef It continued on the M6 ​​at 21:10. At the start of this third episode, thirteen candidates were still competing. The theme of the evening: Arabian Nights. More precisely, a thousand and one pastries!

After Cyril Lignac’s test on gazelle’s horns, in which the contestants had two hours to revisit the famous eastern cake, Mercotte posed a major challenge to them: to create the “tower of the Scheherazade palace”. It is a monumental cake topped with a delicate gold-dusted chocolate dome, reaching a height of 35 cm.

A particularly difficult test that failed for nearly all candidates, causing many viewers to react on Twitter: “As every year, I was appalled by the astronomical amounts of food spent on the Merccotte test.”Not only did they have a hard time making this cake, it’s not beautiful, some of it isn’t good and it will go or later… in the trash! Thank you mercotte for this waste”I guess everybody eats as much as any other event, but this Merccotte thing is just a waste.”

Another troubling point for internet users is that they suspect that the modeling cake wasn’t really made by Mercotte…”Mercotte, who doesn’t make the cakes herself, says, “Just read the recipe carefully.on the verge of fraud!”Mercote is a sadist. She doesn’t even make the cakes that bear her name. And most of it goes to waste. A series that should be lost”

Source: Programme Television