Berets are the accessory that will be a hit in the fall and add a very divine touch to your everyday look.

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this beret They come and go, though it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of them this fall. They’ve had a very noticeable presence at some fashion weeks, and some of the series are: Emily in Paris They are incomprehensible without this accessory.

It is the perfect complement to be combined with clothes more comfortable – give it to him frenchized point– and we can also wear it with jeans and a printed t-shirt on a daily basis.

In El Corte Inglés, we have created these wonderful berets that you will not want to take off even at home.


this beret parfois it’s great and it combines divinely with skirts and suit pants. Made of plain gray polyester. We can find this accessory for 9,99 Euros at El Corte Inglés.

Plain gray Parfois beret

Plain gray Parfois beret

RRP €9.99 at El Corte Ingles

globe beret

Another pattern we found is this beanie. sphere in sky blue. Basic and looks great clothes in pastel tones. We can sign this model at El Corte Inglés for 8.99 Euros.

Sfera sky blue beret

Sfera sky blue beret

RRP €8.99 at El Corte Ingles

Beret Parts

Beige color is always a must in our wardrobe. A beanie is perfect for our fall staples. This accessory parts It is made of wool and is available in more colors. Its price in El Corte Ingl’es is 16.99 euros.

Piece beige wool beret

Piece beige wool beret

RRP €16.99 at El Corte Ingles


This is another beautiful wool beret. villa. Also available in green color. clothes more daring and one size fits all. We can find it in El Corte Inglés for 19.99 Euros.


Finally, we signed this beret, which is the most beautiful and abundant. It is checked in blue and purple tones and is our own production. Donatzelli. It is made of polyester and costs 18 euros.

Donatzelli check print beret

Donatzelli check print beret

RRP €18.00 at El Corte Ingles

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