They will open a new location for the Cineteca Nacional where the former Cinemark headquarters was

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They will open a new headquarters for the Cineteca Nazionale which will be inaugurated by the beginning of 2023 – Dissemination (Cineteca Nacional)

Within the concessions granted to the chain of private cinemas cinematographyoccupied until last August within CENART, the Federal Ministry of Culture has announced that the new CENART facilities will be open to the public during the first quarter of 2023 National Film Archivewhose name will be Cineteca de las Artes, this due to the termination of the operational contract of this infrastructure with said company.

In 1995, Cinemark obtained a concession for the commercial use and exploitation of the movie theater set and their equipment for a period of 15 years, plus a 12-month concession, which were satisfied.

The Ministry of Culture explains this in a note, in which they detail that this multiplex complex has 12 exhibition halls on a total of 4,945 square meters. This new enclosure, which will take its name Film Archive of the Artswill have the aim of promoting the review of quality cinema, national and foreign production, as well as the promotion and dissemination of film culture of the population, this, through an inclusive perspective that promotes diversity and plurality in artistic, thematic and technical terms.

For his part, the head of Culture of Mexico City, Alejandra Frausto, confirmed the news through a tweet, and announced that it is expected that the Cineteca de las Artes will be open to all cinema lovers, for the first months of the 2023.

What is the history of the Cineteca Nacional?

The Cineteca Nacional de México was inaugurated on January 17, 1974 and hosted the screening of the film ‘El compadre Mendoza’ (1933), by Fernando Fuentes, and since that day it has had as its mission the conservation of national and international film heritageas well as the promotion of film culture.

This enclosure was built in one of the Forums of the Churubusco studios, and at that time was annexed to the Directorate of Cinematography of the Ministry of the Interior. It consisted of two screening rooms open to the public, and also had a regular exhibition area, a specialized newsstand, a bookshop, a restaurant and a security vault for the safekeeping of the films, as well as a film maintenance and repair shop. .

In 2011 CONACULTA promoted the modernization of the Cineteca, building another four rooms, with a capacity of 180 people each, as well as an outdoor forum. And since 2014 the Department of Academic Extension, which is responsible for the organization of diplomas, courses, seminars, lectures and workshops held by specialists of the seventh art.

By Eduardo Ramos

Source: Nacion Flix