"I’m kicking your teeth!" : Christine Bravo reveals hilarious secrets about her private life

Christine Bravo shared some secrets about her private life with our colleagues from Gala on Thursday, May 25th.

Christine Bravo has revealed some secrets about her life and her relationship with her children whom she loves more than anything.

At 30, Clara hasn’t really cut the rope, she’s very in demand and I’m very ready for her (…) As for Mathieu (…) we have a great relationship (…), but she made her life and it’s easy to see each other since she lives in this Maurienne not”this Thursday the host announced Premiere.

As for her three grandchildren, Christine Bravo sees them less frequently during school holidays. They call it Christine Bravo”kikou“.”I’ll kick your teeth if they say grandma!she admitted.

If she teaches them literature and cooking, her husband Stéphane Bachot organizes group events. “It is he who organizes the games in the swimming pool, who knows how to channel by introducing Paolo to painting. I am not patient, I can shout, I can squeak. He’s a real family man, reassuring‘, he explained.

On March 7, the 66-year-old presenter gave bad news about her. instagram : the death of his mother. “Carmen joined Antonio today. Mom, rest in peace with dad. This view replaces sharing.“After this sad news, the association member Big Heads On RTL, he appeared more rarely on social networks until he no longer spoke for almost three weeks. On Wednesday, May 3, Christine Bravo took the floor to give the following news on her Instagram account:Sorry for my long silence, I left Instagram after losing my mother, I spent a lot of time in Corsica, the peace of this island, the kindness of its people, the beauty of spring in Balagne is fixed.“Meanwhile, the TV presenter announced that she will be participating in a famous program that has aired on France 2 since 2017:”I returned to Paris the day before yesterday to shoot the prime time of Les Enfants de la Télé, which aired on Saturday. I had a really great time and formed a great bond with Patrick Bruel. I discovered a boy with crazy charisma, funny, generous, I missed his true nature even though I’ve been with him for years, honestly watch the show, it’s hilarious! We had an excellent bond. Frankly, there were fireworks as usual with Laurent Ruquier, and it was even better!she admitted.


Source: Programme Television

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