"I earn 690 euros per month" : Giuseppe (Who wants to marry my son?) explains his finances (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, May 24, the guest of “Chez Jordan” (C8), “Who wants to marry my son?” former candidate of the competition Giuseppe Polimeno. (TF1) evaluated its financial situation.

In 2010, viewers discovered Giuseppe Polimeno and his mother, Marie-France, on the show. Who wants to marry my son?, broadcast on TF1. The reality TV show quickly became a real phenomenon, attracting an average of 3.8 million viewers in the second episode of the evening in this first season. Ko Lanta. Following this sudden notoriety, Giuseppe Polimeno will join other programs such as: Square Viip, island of facts or Giuseppe Restaurant.

Now far from the world of television, Giuseppe Polimeno went to the set of the series. in Jordan (C8) with Marie-France. The ex-candidate who faced Jordan De Luxe touched on many issues, such as jail time, while his ex-partner and the mother of his children accused him of harassment and death threats. Giuseppe Polimeno also gave a transparent update on his financial situation. “I have a disability pension. I injured the whole arm. I’m a former obese, I fell on my arm and broke all over me. Luckily I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs: I put aside everything I earned from TV and it bears fruit. Otherwise, I have a disability pension of only 690 euros per month.she admitted.

Re-launched by Jordan De Luxe, Giuseppe Polimeno will tell more about the use of the monies earned through television. “I doubled my earnings, especially with apartments. Today we can say that I am a salaryman.“, added.


Source: Programme Television

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