"my life passed before my eyes" : Marseille rapper Zamdane rushed to hospital after serious accident

Rapper Zamdane revealed in a post on Instagram that he was the victim of a serious accident. He also posted the impressive photo of the car accident in which he was traveling.

Zamdane can thank his lucky star. The Marseille rapper had indeed come close to death on the road a few days ago. The drama took place last Saturday, as he told himself in a short message posted on social networks. A broadcast accompanied by three shots: two show him in the hospital, and the third shows the condition of the damaged car as its engine burns.

I narrowly escaped last Saturday”He wrote about what he saw. “Your life passes before your eyes”. If the Marseille rapper has survived the worst, he’s not hiding the fact that this accident has turned the way he sees his life. “I’ve been keeping a pretty tough tempo this year, releasing a lot of music, but for the first time, I need to take care of myself and focus on my recovery to come back more stable and stronger. It’s a word”announced with his message. “It’s a reminder because life is so precious”reminded its subscribers.

Born in Morocco, Zamdane settled in Marseille at the age of 17. There, in Marseille, he decided to try his luck in the midst of French rap music, which was a revelation for him. Considered one of the most promising rappers in Marseille and France, Zamdane released his first single in 2017 – favaro – this gave him great visibility. He released his first album in February 2022 after several projects put on the internet between 2018-2021 and establishing his own record label. the color of my pain. He will soon release a new track featuring 113’s leader Rim’K and Mafia K’1 Fry,

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