What disasters will the planetary parade on June 3, 2024 bring, and how will you protect yourself?

Very soon society will feel the impact of the planetary parade that will take place on June 3, 2024. Similar astronomical events occur several times approximately every twelve months.

On this date, as many as six cosmic bodies will line up on one side of the Sun. Visually this phenomenon will resemble the resulting corridor. In 2024, the parade will take place with the participation of Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Saturn. And if it is almost impossible to notice such a configuration, then you will definitely be able to feel its consequences.

Astrologist and tarot reader Adelina Panina told The Fashion Vibes exclusively what disasters the planetary parade on June 3, 2024 will bring. He also shared suggestions on how to protect yourself from negative influences during an astrological event.

Adelina Panina, astrologer and tarot reader

What events should be expected on June 3, 2024?

As a rule, the parade of planets rarely occurs calmly and unnoticed, because each of the cosmic bodies has its own specific energy. When such a merger occurs, the probability of experiencing various natural disasters increases sharply. Suffice it to recall how one of these parades ended in 1982, when the El Chichon volcano, dormant for more than two hundred years, suddenly woke up and began to erupt.

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Therefore, June 3, 2024 may be a very unpredictable day in terms of natural events. At this time, earthquakes, floods and other disasters may occur in certain parts of our planet.

A frame from the movie “Destruction”

If we talk about the mental impact on most people, there is no visible emotional shock either. Many of us will find ourselves subject to sudden mood swings and will be seen taking contradictory actions.

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On such a day, you can expect spontaneous, unpredictable, sudden and unplanned events. We can talk about major conflicts, scandals, meetings with unpleasant people, financial troubles, equipment and transport breakdowns.

The best thing you can do in such a situation is to be prepared for various emergencies and things that come your way so that you can react less emotionally to what is happening. Now let’s talk about how to get through such a time with minimal nerve loss and damage.

How do you protect yourself from the impact of planet parade?

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To reduce the uncertain impact of an upcoming astronomical event, follow these rules:

– Do not get into conflicts and do not postpone the showdown until a calmer day;

– Do not borrow or borrow money from others;

— Avoid scams, manipulations and all kinds of adventures, as well as long journeys;

— Go through serious financial transactions and major business deals.

Try to spend June 3, 2024 in the most comfortable and friendly atmosphere possible, give up on important matters. Predictability and regularity can never be guaranteed in such a date. But it will also be possible to benefit ourselves during the upcoming planetary parade, because the special location of up to six cosmic bodies on this day will activate a strong intuition in us that will answer many questions. If you have been tormented by uncertainty for a long time, send a mental request to the Universe. The correct answer will definitely come in the form of a specific thought or desired event.

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