How often should you clean your rings? Missteps not to be made

Are your rings tarnishing? Whether they are gold or silver, specific maintenance advice applies.

There are these rings that we never take off, that follow us to the edge of our bed, even in the shower. However, if our desire is to guarantee them a long life, it is necessary to scrupulously respect some maintenance instructions. Among these, cleaning them with the right frequency, and above all using the right tools.

How to maintain the shine of my rings

If you don’t treat gold, stones, precious metals, or even silver the same, some universal instructions apply regardless of your ring material:

  • Remove your jewelry before washing your hands to avoid contact with water.
  • Do not go to the beach with rings sensitive to sea water and sand. Not even in the swimming pool because the chlorine is very aggressive.
  • Remove the rings when doing household chores to avoid contact with cleaning products.
  • Be careful with cosmetics: milks, creams, eau de toilette, perfumes are aggressive for your jewels
  • It is best to remove the jewelry in the evening and place it in its case or in a felt bag if the ring is gold. For the price paid, airtight plastic bags also work well.

How often and how do I clean my rings?

Just wipe gently with a soft cloth. Stripping products should be banned at all costs. Even a little toothpaste on tarnished silver rings can restore their shine.

A little soap and water and a soft-bristled toothbrush can also be helpful for gold jewelry. Quickly dip the ring in water, brush it gently once it comes out and dry it with a tissue. For soap, choose a soap with a neutral pH.

By frequency: once a month is more than enough.

The rings of the frame can also be gently cleaned with a chamois cloth on which a specific product will be applied.

Finally, for some precious jewelry, such as engagement rings, professional cleaning may be recommended every six months.

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