Did you run away? 5 movies that motivate you to exercise

June 5 is International Running Day. It’s no secret that sports have a positive effect on the body. Doctors recommend running because it can improve the functioning of the lungs and nervous system, as well as improve immunity.

A still from the movie “Run, Fat Man, Run”

It’s not for nothing that running has become a hobby for many movie characters. Let’s remember the most interesting and vivid pictures that motivate you to improve every day.

“Forrest Gump”

The film tells the story of a young man born with limited mental abilities. Since childhood, Forrest Gump could not walk normally due to back problems and was fitted with special braces. But running “heals” the man. Staples break when you have to run away from bullies. After that, the hero of the picture runs without them.

A still from the movie “Forrest Gump”

“Flash” with Grant Gustin

The series tells the story of forensic scientist Barry Allen, who gained superpowers after being struck by lightning. He can now move at superhuman speeds. The hero saves people’s lives by using his ability for good.

A frame from the “Flash” series

“I’m losing weight”

The plot focuses on a girl named Anya, who stopped taking care of herself after the wedding: she seriously gained weight, and her boyfriend does not like it. The man begins to deceive the hero, thus awakening in him the desire to lose weight.

Anya meets a “chubby” guy who thinks like her and starts running with him. As a result, she regains her slim body (and her ex) thanks to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Alexandra Bortich in the movie “I’m Losing Weight”

“Run fat man, run”

The story follows Dennis Doyle, who is about to marry his pregnant fiancée Libby. However, just before the wedding begins, he is afraid of the responsibility that will come upon him and runs away.

Five years later, he becomes a security guard at a store and rents a small apartment in the basement. In contrast, Libby is dating a wealthy businessman and raising the son of a neglectful ex-lover. Dennis realizes it’s time to take action. To prove his serious intentions, he begins to prepare for a marathon for the sake of his ex.

A still from the movie “Run, Fat Man, Run”

“Running Man”

Action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the story, television enters a new era with the program “Running Man”, in which criminals become victims of the program participants – giant super-athletes who hunt them down in areas devastated by the 1996 Los Angeles earthquake.

A frame from the movie “Running Man”

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