5 places to grab drinks for a walk

Summer is upon us, which means the time of beautiful sunsets, long walks and endless meetings with friends has begun. We have already written about the most stylish verandas of the city. It’s time to talk about places to get drinks to complete a week’s worth of activities in just one evening.

This selection includes the editor’s five favorite places where they prepare the city’s most delicious drinks.


Overall, it’s hard not to order a single drink in Kalabasa. At least because there are fresh pastries and desserts in the display case located near the entrance on the ground floor. And even if you don’t really like sweets, like the author of this text, you will still find something in your beliefs that will disappoint you. Particular attention was paid here to drinks. Our favorite is lemonade, but there are also many coffee options in Kalabasa. In addition to the classic ones, there are also seasonal ones – for example, unusual versions of summer espresso tonic (be sure to try it with cherries). And the main thing is that you can take all this with you and explore the Baumanskaya surroundings.

Address: Academician Tupolev embankment, 15k26

Rockets. coffee

Rockets.coffee is one of the most popular coffee shops in the city with its own bean production. Therefore, not trying the drinks here is a real crime. In general, although there are even main dishes here, most of the menu is still devoted to various non-alcoholic designer drinks. Rockets.coffee has a wide selection of not only coffee drinks but also teas and lemonades. Secondly, by the way, in this weather it is more important than ever to get it out. Moreover, the portable glass fits perfectly with any outfit.

See the addresses here.

Star Brown

Stars Coffee needs no introduction. But if you have forgotten, the Starbucks coffee chain became known as such after the purchase of the Russian business of this international company by restaurateur Anton Pinsky and Timati. On a nice note, the coffee here is really different; The beans are brought from Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia. However, the recipe for seasonal drinks seems to have remained the same; At least everyone’s favorite frappe or pumpkin spice latte is still just as rich in flavor. And you must admit, you can’t take a drink and leave without putting it down; after all, the trick of writing the recipient’s name on the cup is still there.

See the addresses here.


Where else can you find a wide selection of bubble t-shirts, matcha and teas if not at a Japanese bistro? That’s why The Fashion Vibes editors head to J’pan not just to get the best gyudon in town, but also for drinks you can take with you to the office. New lemonades appear on the menu in summer, and aromatic coffee drinks appear in winter. However, while it is summer in the city, we recommend that you forget about the existence of cold weather for the next few months. So we grab an espresso tonic and go for a walk through the streets without the scorching sun.

See the addresses here.


Zoe is the place of power for all metropolitan food lovers. In addition to the already legendary donuts, there are also breakfasts and an impressive drinks menu. Besides the classic positions, there is also a summer fruit special. Our favorites: chocolate-covered strawberry latte and blueberry iced tea oolong—it replaces a trip out of town and takes you back to your childhood. Of course, it is recommended to take it with a donut, but in this case, we do not recommend you to look at the calories.

Address: st. Myasnitskaya 13 st20

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